Bug, the real problem!

So, my people, how are you?

Around here, it became a routine to start my blog in such a rush, that’s crazy! Lots of good things on both fronts, poker and eSports.

On Poker’s side, I will announce the second stage of the Akkari Series of Poker, a series of tournaments aimed at those who are in the same situation as I was when I started playing poker, a complicated situation. Freerolls and $0.55 tournaments every day with real money guaranteed and prize pool.

Check my Instagram on Sunday, I will make a instagram live announcement of all the details!

But let’s get to the subject that was in the spotlight the whole week on the national and international CSGO scene.

I will not explain from the beginning, because I think that whoever is coming to read this article just by seeing the title has already had some knowledge on the subject, but in a great summary, a company that organizes tournaments came out with a severe punishment in three coaches for having benefited from a bug in matches of CSGO, produced by Valve, and got some advantage against their opponents in a few moments. It’s a summum not to explain end to end, remember that I’m not a journalist, it’s just a personal blog where I let go of my opinion by also being connected to the market via Furia Esports. For all the lines of the beginning of this story, the portals have already disclosed everything exhaustively, so give a quick search there that you will find out something way much better than I would do here with journalistic terms.

Soon after, the same administrator, called Michau, who was, I believe, one of those responsible for giving that punishment, analyzed several events to the conclusions, also released a video from Guerri, our Furia CSGO head coach, where the same bug would have happened on his screen.

After this fact, we were, me and Jaime Padua, collecting an immediate position from Guerri, never doubting his character, but asking for explanations to know everything about the subject and make all the necessary decisions.

Also, I didn’t report everything that happened, in a quick summum, he had it all! Worth to see it on his youtube.

The team’s communications, the games recorded in full, and as soon as possible, went public and showed everything in a fantastic way. That left him in a very solid situation, it was praised by all in Brazil and abroad but that’s not my article’s focus
What I want to rather drop some of my opinions about the all bug subject not about any specific coach. Let’s go to them;

For me, there are four distinct problems, with different weights, and really, I think when you analyze issues and you fragment them, you become a less biased and a more balanced person.

Problem 1: The BUG



Problem 4: HOW TO SOLVE

So let’s go…


The responsibility is 100% of Valve to the publisher of the game. It’s a technical problem, development, nor can I go too deep technically, but it is indisputable, at least for me. All the coaches in the world are subject to this and they can do nothing to solve the problem of the game when it comes to the bug, they can react to it in various ways, but entering the game code and tidying up is the owner of the game responsibility.

In my view, we also cannot crucify Valve extremely, bugs happen in all digital services. However, what seems to me, is that by the feeling of the community, the “contempt” regarding the eSports side of CSGO by Valve, is notorious and historical, they do not react quickly to these situations. Doing justice, from what I heard, the bug has already been 100% fixed, but the speed with which they reacted, shows Valve’s commitment to their company’s problems.

I believe so, Valve could pay more attention to this community effectively! Companies focus on profit, but Valve, even if without so much interest in eSports, owes so much success to the competitive community and soulful companies create legacies!

However, no player, coach or organization can be blamed, punished, for there is a bug in the game, but I think everyone agrees with that.


Having bad intentions you only react in one way, leave the bug on the screen and take advantage, it’s over! Give information to your team about where the enemies are, report events in the position of the bug camera and etc. END OF STORY.

Being well intentioned, you can react in several ways. You can disconnect, press Alt+Tab, turn off the computer, throw the monitor on the wall, whatever but there are rules.

If the rule is “to disconnect immediately” then you have to disconnect. If the rule is “to warn the admins”, then you have to call the administrators. END OF STORY. If the rule is clear, when you break the rule, the punishment will be X, Y or Z, period. If you didn’t comply with the rule, you are going to be punished.

In Guerri’s case it has to be exactly like that. Maybe, he benefited, because the tournament was a long time ago, the event is over, the regulation says that rules can only be applied in time X or Y after the event finishes, I don’t know for sure (I am only making assumptions), or maybe, he can still technically be punished, because in his case, the first game that the bug happened, he disconnected and came back, but the bug persisted and soon after the bug ended  everything went back to normal, guided by the first game,  in the second game when it happened again, he thought he would come back and did not return. Are you sure about what he did? I get it, but if this isn’t the rule, it’s over, it’s wrong.

Whether there will be a punishment or not, it is a technical problem of the regulation and the organization of the event. But the facts don’t change about it. There is operational punishements in all sports, red cards, yellow cards, suspensions, live with that!

There is only one more point about the punishment criterion. Guerri has been acclaimed by all national and international communities for the clarity and professionalism with which you expose the fact, perhaps, invoking even other coaches to do the same, from the moment someone punishes him for doing the right thing, perhaps inhibits others from doing the same proactively. However, telling the truth, Guerri perhaps would not say anything if Michau had not posted the video, not for omitting itself, which is also not the case of other technicians but for or not remembering, or not seeing the need of it and etc. I don’t know! What matters is that facts are facts and end of story. The sport can only work like this, with clarity and full transparency.


Here’s the biggest issue, and I know that you all, or at least the most enlightened, know this.

The bug is Valve’s problem, the rule is the organizer’s problem, and the reaction to it… That problem is all yours, my friend!

What you do with the bug directly influences the action, the event, the competition, the suitability of the sport. You have to make a difficult decision now, the occasion makes the thief, isn’t this the popular saying?

How do you prove you had the bug but didn’t benefit?

In many ways, I think, even if I am not aware of the CSGO scenario.

The best of them, the open communication of the team. If you use the information to alert your team or guide them, it’s over, lipstick on your underwear!

Of course, there may be those conspiracy theories right, “ahhhh but the guy cannot talk and make any signs, like in card games’ matches, moves such as blinking the eye is catwalk, tongue in the cheek is upper tunnels”, please, just stop. Banal theories that are not even worth mentioning.

But you’re in doubt?

Yes? So let’s go to the second one.

The MAP. He solves any problem, looks at the camera, no staff around, and his team moves immediately after the coach’s camera sees the enemy team, it’s over. Do you want to be more sure? See one more action, and one more, and one more. Happened? End of story. The judges are 10,000 better than me to evaluate this, so reading the game helps too much to make a decision on the evaluation.

And the opposite goes, too. In Guerri’s case, the first time his camera was buggy, if I’m not mistaken, he’s looking at the Train Bomb A completely empty, which indicates that all the opponents are in B, and Furia going all the way to B, obviously if he had used the information, the team would go to the empty A. Irrefutable to the point that LG’s own boys agree and applaud. Therefore, when the opposite happens, it also serves as evidence.

The hot potato is that, this problem 3 on my list, is investigative, and then it’s complicated as hell to discuss.

So Akkari, if the coach was charged, didn’t disconnect, stirred the camera, but lost the video of the open communication of his players, is he guilty?

Obviously, you can’t, only a stupid would find this. He did, he broke the rules of “warning the  admin”, “disconnect” and etc, but until then just suffer the punishment and period. Every soccer game has a yellow and a red card, they’re punishments. To blame Guerri, it has to be more incisive, see the map, the dynamics of the game tied to his camera, the communication of the team if there were communication at all and etc.

Accusing someone for taking advantage of something, is completely wrong as long as you can’t prove it, especially in the face of a game error other than the person who caused it. If Guerri hadn’t been all well prepared for it, maybe he’d suffer this injustice. Now if the guy doesn’t have it, he’s a cheater, no, just disorganized and period.

But paying the price of being punished by the rules is super fair, but not of evil character this is another level ellegation.

Problem 4: HOW TO SOLVE

Esports is growing a lot and things like this will keep happening, it is inevitable, in traditional sport that happened historically, imagine in a digital environment, the future. Conflicts of interest, gambling, technical problems, rule breaking, etc. There is no solution!

The question is how to react to this.

In my poker history, I’ve been through so many moments of crisis, saw a lot of injustices, of being sued. I’ve been to the police station because a delegate said that I was a professional hunting nickel, again because I promoted gambling, another because poker players were gangs that earned illicit money, dozens, one day was with me and another with close friends and battlers who brought poker to be this powerful game that is today.

The outputs are always the same clarity, action and integrity.

Clarity, in fact, always saves everything, but saving is not exonerated. Saving is staying in the best possible situation before the fact. Everyone can accuse you, sue you, do whatever they want, be clear in these cases is always the smartest, most honest and beautiful thing to do. Even if you made a mistake, be clear, tell them where you made a mistake, where you didn’t make a mistake and live with your actions.

Action is, to take action, it’s your life, don’t let others determine your life. Do what you have to do for your own good, your family, your friends, your sport or profession, and the general good.

Event organizers, online or not, have to be ruthless, act fast and we have to praise them when they do. This Michau has done a bizarre job and has to be remembered for this.

Integrity has never thought that for your sake you have to generate the evil of someone innocent. Be righteous, have common sense and be fair.

You know who helps too much when cases like this happen? Journalists!

You know those boring journalists, when I say boring, I’m saying in a good way. In the CSGO market, there are some journalists that search around, who talk, who are not afraid, who run after facts. Sometimes you get pissed off at them, poker had it too. You know, Thorins, Richard Lewis, Roque, these guys help too much to regulate the scenery. You may not like them, especially in Brazil because sometimes they attack in a way that does not seem balanced, but undoubtedly, at these moments they do a great job.

I always see tweets from around the world saying Brazilians blah blah blah, I get pissed off, that is to segregate, it’s racism, they put everyone in the same bag, as if all Brazilians were X, or all Americans were Y. Segregate is a crime and today, the U.S.A faces cruel reflections from hundreds of years of racism. Not everyone does this, it’s the minority, so if you think journalists are racists and segregates, you’re also going in this direction.

In the meantime, they publish something about a player, the guys are making good or bad media, and the publisher does some shit on the game, there they are again spreading the news about it, then there’s a bug in the game, so there they are again. This ends up helping to regulate the whole process.

The main thing is: The community! This is the most powerful force and the source. If you are passionate about CS you have to speak about it, you have to ask, make questions, charge them with the same principles, decency, integrity, but you have to tighten them up. The game is made and the eSports is for the community and you are part of the community who pays the bill. Players make money, organizations too, organizers too, reporters too, you’re the one who lives your life, and spends money on it, if you don’t charge, who will charge for it?

That’s what I wanted to share with you, my friends. When I hit that urge to write more about it, I’ll come back here and if you ask me to come back faster, you know, everybody likes some compliment.

Big hugs to all,

Andre Akkari

Translation and adaptation by Tamara “Tammy” Caminha


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